Here you will use all your brains and just try to set the best record. Well here you must tap on numbers and you must get the number around equal ten. Do you think that it is so easy? Well, then just try it right now and you will love it!
Well, if you are smart enough, then you will really love this amazing puzzle game. So, let us try to explain what you have to do. So, when a tile is tapped, its value became -1 and the value adds to the tiles around it. But, if any of the tiles value is equal to ten or ten's multiplier, its value became two, three, four or five. So, is everything clear? By the way, you can play this game with your bests, just try to use all your skills and thinking abilities in order to set the best record and become the real winner of the game. Sometimes it will be not so easy, but we know that you can cope with it.

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