Game Sponsorship

If you are a game developer or know of someone who makes online games we would love to hear from you.

Gamezhero wants to sponsor quality games.

This is where we purchase the exclusive rights to publish the game on the Internet and are free to distribute the game to our partners and affiliates or across our entire gaming site network.

Under the conditions of an exclusive contract, the game cannot be sold to any other individual, website or company. Also, the game cannot be modified or renamed and then sold on as a “different” game.

When we sponsor your game, we’ll ask you to insert our site’s logo as an intro screen and add one or more links to our site within the game.

You can still submit your game to other websites you want, as long as all copies of the game include the agreed upon Gamezhero links and logos.

We will allow you to leave your name and a link to your portfolio/website in the game as the author. If you take into consideration hundred thousands of visitors we have daily it's great chance for you to keep the recognition you deserve for the hard work you put into your games.