Winner Pet

Winner Pet

Welcome to the annual Pet Championship! Choose your champion pet and don't waste any time to hit the gym! Train your pet for the big event, improve his swimming, running and driving skills and join the tournament when he's ready! Compete against other pets and make sure your pet is the winner! Good luck!
First of all you have to know that all these pets you are gonna see and meet in this game are not so peaceful so watch out while you're interacting with them. Your mission is to take a randomnly pet from zero and to train it and make it be the greatest pet and other pets should be afraid of it. You must train him dirty and hard in order to become the roughest because only this way it can win the fights in the fighting arena. If it wins enough fights and battles in the arena, it is ready to be called the Winner Pet and to be above each of the others. The choice is yours and all depends on you if you wanna have a loser pet or a winnig one!

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Winner Pet