Wheely 6 Fairytale

Wheely 6 Fairytale

You are the only one, who can help this brave car to rescue his girlfriend and pass each stage easily. You will have to solve each puzzle as better as you can and have so much fun here. Do you think that it is so easy? Well, then just do it!
Wow! This brave car came back! And you should help our friend Wheely to complete even more challenging levels in such a cool game! Our red beetle friend enters a fairytale adventure, full of castles, lakes, and other friendly cars, and as in many others fairytale, there are even flying dragons and knights going around! So, just help him to complete all the levels by clicking in the right places. You might need some camouflage at some point! By the way, when a bandit comes out to get Wheely, you will need to find a yeti to help you, have much fun!

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  • Rating 4.71
  • Rated 50
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Wheely 6 Fairytale