Welcome to Serenity

Welcome to Serenity

You are welcome to the biggest and most famous spa center in the whole world! That is why you are hired and you must clean each room, cause every day here coming a lot of guests. Just do everything perfect and you will love it! Find everything that is required.
Look here! Serenity is one of the best spa centers in the world. We organized groups that arrive at the center everyday. One group just left the center, another one is about to arrive tomorrow. The center and the guest rooms need to be clean and in perfect shape. Serenity seasons never ends. We have new guests everyday. The center has reservations for the whole year. The guests rooms are in mess. We need to clean them, because tomorrow will arrive new guests. The whole Serenity team has a task to clean the center. Be quick and precise. There is no time to waste and have fun!

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Welcome to Serenity