Uncle Grandpa Sneakin' Santa

Uncle Grandpa Sneakin' Santa

Help the uncle Santa to deliver all presents to kids! They are wanted so much it! Use the arrow keys and all tips. Make everything really quite. And you can be sure that this holidays all kids have to get all presents! Have much fun!
Oh no! The terrible thing has happened! Soon is the New Year Eve, but Santa has broken his leg! But, thanks God, he has an uncle, who is always ready to help him! Cause all kids are waiting for their presents to the holidays! Press the arrow keys in the right order to dodge obstacles and deliver presents. Go as fast as you can but do not make too many mistakes or you will wake the house . Get bonus points by hitting the arrow keys in time to the beat f the music. Dance break ends when you make a mistake!

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Uncle Grandpa Sneakin' Santa