Tiny Sword Warrior

Tiny Sword Warrior

Sink into the really dangerous dungeon that is full of danger and jeopardy. You will play as a real warrior. Use the arrow keys to move and mouse to look around. You will have to kill all the enemies and collect useful things. Be sure that you will love it. Good luck.
So, this is the best way for you to spend some of your free time and stay alive just playing as a real warrior. You must kill all the invaders at each stage and liberate the occupied villages. But watch out! By the way, all these terrible beings are reborn due to a dark and hidden power. In every scene is a place were this power is caught and kept secret. Just do not forget to find and pick the guarded magic containers to prevent their revival. Here your further path will only open after the release of each village from all invaders and try to survive at any rate.

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Tiny Sword Warrior