The Legend of Oldwood

The Legend of Oldwood

You are welcome to the really strange village, where all the citizens were disappeared one night. So, just use all the skills and try to find everything that is required here. Is it clear? Then help this cute girl and solve the main riddle of the game.
This is the old abandoned village Oldwood. Over night this village got totally empty. No one knew what exactly happened. This is Karen, her origins are from this village, please come with her and she will tell you her story. Her grandfather left this village, when he was a small boy. He always told her that his village, even when he was small. It just strangely happened new times, for some of the people to completely disappear. According to what we saw in this village she realized that the people of this village believed in their own separate religion, according to writings that she discovered the conclusion seems obvious they moved from this village.

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The Legend of Oldwood