Teen Titans Go! Panic Mode!

Teen Titans Go! Panic Mode!

Be ready to kill all the enemies in the most exciting world of cartoon. That is why this is your chance, just buy new weapons and place them correctly. So, if you are ready, then do it immediately, cause they are already here.
Have you ever seen that? Cause in this game the Brain and his goons have invaded Titans Tower and only Beast Boy can stop them. That is why this is the better initiate Panic Mode. Just try to build super-powered towers to defend the Teen Titans. Panic Mode is a tower defense game, where you will have to place towers on the board to destroy wave after wave of the Brain’s army. And each tower is themed after a different Titan: Cyborg’s sonic cannon, Raven’s magic, Robin’s birdarangs, Starfire’s starbolts, Beast Boy’s elephant stomp, and Silkie’s chomp, so just have much fun here.

Game Statistics

  • Rating 4.20
  • Rated 116
  • Played 11,580

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Teen Titans Go! Panic Mode!