Pirates! Kaboom

Pirates! Kaboom

Be ready to play as a real pirate, who has a lot of enemies. Just use the cannon and play it right now. Watch out! There a lot of them! There are even helicopters, shooting on you. So, just try to hit your targets and stay alive as long as possible. Enjoy the game.
Are you brave enough? Then choose the game and try to kill all the foes! Cause this is a game that will keep you on your toes and will require nerves of solid steel. By the way, you have a trampoline which you have to use to make sure that the incoming black bombs pass by safely and under no condition must they hit the ground. But at the same time avoid catching the red bombs or you will lose a life and you will have to start it again. So, are you ready for that? Then do not waste your time and play as a brave pirate.

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Pirates! Kaboom