My Kingdom for the Princess

My Kingdom for the Princess

This time you are going to rebuild the whole kingdom! Cause there was a terrible storm and it has ruined everything on his way. Besides the huge dragon woke and now he eats people. You must save all the people and reconstruct the land.
King loved to eat. One day his niece, princess Helen came to visit him. The king was eating and waxing nostalgic, when all of a sudden there came a tornado, then likes of which had not been seen many years. Animals, houses and even people, flew through the air. King's castle somehow with stood the storm. But his troubles had only just begun. The tornado woke fire mouth dragon a terrifying nocturnal hunter. According to legend, fire mouth could not sleep until he ate 37 people. The princess wanted to come back home to the father. So, just help her.

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My Kingdom for the Princess