Mr. Splibox 2

Mr. Splibox 2

There are so many boxes you have a chance to create and remove. Just be very attentive and use it in time. If you will do everything right, then this game is for you! Avoid any obstacle and try to get your target till you won't be killed by the strange creature. Enjoy the game.
Watch out! You have so many foes here and if you a see that he is running on you , then there is a real problem! But you have just few milliseconds for rescue your own life. If you manage the maneuver, you can laugh to the enemy, because in most cases he will die, so even you cannot be always sure. Just try to keep an eye for a number of boxes which you can still use. If you will have no cubes to use, you end, because you will have no possibility how to avoid to your enemy. Have fun!

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Mr. Splibox 2