Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

In this fantastic game you will have a great chance to visit the most interesting land. Here your main goal is to teach a little penguin to fly. Do you think that it is unreal? We can show you that everything you are able to cut!
Somewhere in a very distant land lives a little penguin. As you know these birds are the only one, who can not fly. But this is not about our penguin. He wants to do it. Using all tips you have to help him to fly as far as he can. Wait until you reach a jump. Use arrows to adjust your angle. Hit the water with your belly fast enough to bounce back up. If you will do everything right this penguin could be the first, who will fly like a real bird. So, not let him go to pieces. Make him happy at any rate. We know that you can do it without any efforts. As better his flight will be, so much money you will get.

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Learn to Fly