Juicy Space Original Edition

Juicy Space Original Edition

We are looking for the bravest guy. Hey! Are you there? So, just do everything to set the best record and survive at any rate. Well, are you able to do that? Then just go ahead and control your amazing vehicle. Enjoy the game.
Here from the normal or survival mode to a hardcore action spacial mission, play the original edition of Juicy Space, shooting down spaceships and all your dreams will come true! Just imagine that there are so many meteors and also aliens can be destroyed, if not with the regular shots, with the special abilities that are unlocked throughout the space adventure that now begins with arcade elements, so just try to set the best record and be sure that you will cope with it. Are you ready for that? Then just go ahead right now. And do everything perfect.

Game Statistics

  • Rating 4.73
  • Rated 15
  • Played 2,028

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Juicy Space Original Edition