Henry's Zeppelin: the Last Cup of Tea

Henry's Zeppelin: the Last Cup of Tea

Have you ever do such a cool things? Now this is your chance to help Henry Zeppelin and move to the next level. The main point is to open the door and use different objects that could help you! Is everything clear? So, then do not waste your time and play the game!
He really needs your help! There are so many strange that he has to do, so if you are ready, then help the Henry Zeppelin to reach his goal at any rate! You must move different boxes to their places and open the door to the next level. Use the arrow keys to move and be sure that you will cope with it! Do you think that it is so easy? Well, then just try ti and have so much fun while playing this game. You will sink into the most challenging game you have ever played. So, just throw all the problems away and good luck to you!

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  • Rating 4.63
  • Rated 12
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Henry's Zeppelin: the Last Cup of Tea