Go Robots 2

Go Robots 2

In this game you will control two robots, whose task is to reach their portals. There are a lot of obstacles on their way, so just do everything to cope with it and have so much fun! Be sure that you will like these cute robots, just help them right now. Good luck!
Have you ever played such an amazing puzzle game, in which you have to help the two bots to reach their portals in each stage. Just cut ropes and click on boxes to clear the way from obstacles and traps and make both robots to move to their destination. Do you think that it is so easy? Well, then just try it and show everyone that you are the best one. Here you will just click on the objects and robots in order to make them move. So, if there are no other more important thing to do, then choose the game and have so much fun!

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  • Rating 4.71
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Go Robots 2