Fart King Brother 2

Fart King Brother 2

Here you are going to find all the totems and help these two brave guys. Cause they really want to save their people and just sink into the world of cool adventures together with them. Use all the tips and be sure that you will love it! Have much fun.
Just imagine that once upon a time there was a village that is home to a very raw sweet potato of the primitive people and they grew up has been eating sweet potato, and they have a kind of ordinary people than the ability, that is to use the fart will push them in the sky. But one day they found this village security and woo a totem of their missing, and decided to let two fart fly the farthest people. So, just imagine that they were send to find all the totems. Be sure that everything depends on you. Are you ready? Go ahead!

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Fart King Brother 2