Disaster Will Strike 6 New Disasters

Disaster Will Strike 6 New Disasters

There are so many puzzles! Just try to solve them all and do everything to destroy these ugly eggs. We know that you can manage it, just use all your skills and try to think logically. The world is waiting for you right now. We wish you good luck here.
Duh... the dino eggs have to face one disaster after another in the latest installment of the fun, physics-based puzzle game. Well, that is why in Disaster Will Strike 6 you will rule the world with natural catastrophes that let you play God. Be sure that it's your will to get rid of the eggs. That is why unleash several disasters to destroy structures in order to minimize the egg population. Have no doubt that you will have so much fun here. Just solve each puzzle as better as possible and enjoy the game right now. Enjoy it!

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  • Rating 4.80
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Disaster Will Strike 6 New Disasters