Dino Meat Hunt 2

Dino Meat Hunt 2

When you are very hungry it is very bad feeling. Yon can’t do anything until you eat something. These dinosaurs are hungry. You have to help them to collect all the meat to pass the level. There are many pitfalls and dangers in your way. So you must be very careful.
These two little dinos are starving. And they founded that their meat are dispersed everywhere. It was a real catastrophe for them because they love much meat. Without wasting any time, they decided to collect all the meat and eat it. In this puzzle game, developed by Pupu Games your mission is to help the dinos to find some meat. Thy just cannot live without this tasty food. Three is a lot of levels and their path, and each has its own puzzles and dangers. You must lead dinos through a huge row of difficult levels. Each level will be more difficult, so you will have to show all your abilities and logical thinking to win the game. Are you ready for a difficult challenge? So, stat the game and don't let these two dinos starve to death. Good luck.

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Dino Meat Hunt 2