Abandoned: The Cube Chambers

Abandoned: The Cube Chambers

Sink into a fascinating journey through the different rooms in which you have to find the right way to the next level. Pay attention to every detail and do everything to stay a winner!
You must remember the similar game, where you also have to find the correct way and point and click different objects. That is why the most important thing is to pay close attention to all details and your surrounding. Do you think that it is so easy? Well, then just do it and move from the layer to layer. Have you ever been in such a strange place? Then do not waste your time and try it! Are you ready for that? So, be sure that you will cope with it and there are no other more important things to do.

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  • Rating 4.33
  • Rated 61
  • Played 93,279

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Abandoned: The Cube Chambers